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Text Box: 	Cold Wind Power is focused on providing Green energy solutions for Hot water and Heating. Our technology uses wind power to produce heat.  Unlike typical windmill solutions for producing electricity, there are no complicated electronics like inverters, no batteries for storage and the efficiency of power production and storage is very high.
The key behind our approach is when the wind is blowing, the energy is converted into hot water.  This can be used right away, or stored for later use.  This is similar to the way solar water heater works. With them when the sun is shining, water is heated, for use right away or stored for later use.
With our technology if the wind is blowing harder, more heat is produced.  It is as simple as that.
Some statistics
•	In the USA 20% of the home’s energy usage goes into heating water.
•	41% of the energy cost is from space heating, to heat homes